On 20 July 2021, the extended program (2019-2021) for the Regional Emerging Leaders Program presented their Adaptive Challenge outcomes before a panel of experienced senior executive leaders. Presentations were organised into two groups with executive panel feedback after each group had completed all of its presentations.

Here are their recorded presentations:

Group One

Katrina Appleton (TCC); Kathy Bourke (CYJMA); Melanie Banks (QFES)

Adaptive Challenge topic: COVID workforce liveability and adaptability

Jack Emeleus (QFES); Paul Johnston (TCC); Jacinta Wight (CYJMA)

Adaptive Challenge topic: Decentralising Leadership in post-COVID QLD

Allan van Eyssen (Corrections); Brad Fleming; Paul Anderson, Darryl Chaplain (QFES)

Adaptive Challenge topic: A Prisoner Firefighter Camp Model

Executive Panel Feedback for Group One:

Group Two

Katie Turner, Dean Cavanagh, Pat McCarthy, Jason Brosnan (QPS)

Adaptive Challenge topic: Enhancing the adaptive nature of the QPS

Andy Pethybridge, Ken Johnson, Fiona Quirk, David Swan (QFES)

Adaptive Challenge topic:  What will Disaster Management related volunteering look like in a post COVID World?

Executive Panel Feedback for Group Two:


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