Integrity and Accountability: Building the Foundations for High-Trust Institutions workshop with Professor Anne Tiernan

Posted by Ken Dagley
29 August
Integrity and accountability are the foundation for trust and legitimacy of the institutions, processes, organisations and professions on whom individuals, communities and our democracies depend. And yet internationally, we face a crisis of trust that is eroding public confidence in some of our most important institutions - from politics and the media to the care, educational and financial sectors, churches, community organisations and sporting clubs, among numerous others.
Numerous reports and a growing literature on how to address the crisis of trust highlight the importance of culture, responsibility and leadership in (re)building and sustaining public trust.

This practical, hands-on workshop will highlight what is required to support collaboration, shared understanding and approaches to leading in complex systems.

Professor Anne Tiernan is a leading Australian scholar in public policy, with over a decade of prior experience in public administration and consultancy. An Adjunct Professor with Griffith University, Anne served as inaugural Dean of the Griffith Business School, where she led the development of the Group’s internationally acknowledged Engagement Strategy and operating model.

Workshop details:
Date: Thursday 29 September, 8:45 am – 4:30 pm
Venue: Christie Spaces, Level 1, 320 Adelaide St Brisbane

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