Attending the Executive Challenge Academy helped me understand the transformative power of collaboration – that magic that happens when diverse perspectives are connected around questions that matter.

Brett Pointing | Deputy Commissioner, Australian Federal Police

Through our networks and engaged alumni, we encourage a ‘snowballing’ of transformational leadership across Queensland.

Because of our collaborative approach to leadership development, our participants from key agencies in the education, health, human services, public safety and local government environments attribute new approaches, new connections and new ideas to the Executive Challenge Academy (ECA) programs, and their resulting ongoing relationships and networks with our alumni.

Our alumni have agreed that being part of a collaborative group who were learning together made a difference when they were faced with the 2010 /11 Southeast Queensland floods.

Our focus on cross-sector collaboration has helped transform local service delivery in communities, such as Toowoomba’s experience settling and integrating refugees in the regional city.


Early on in my career I would look with awe at more senior leaders and wonder how they learnt to lead and how much of leadership is innately who we are and how much is experience and learning. Many years later I still ask questions of myself about how to be a better leader and I suspect I will for as long as lead. The answers are of course in the mix of learning through experience, learning through watching others and learning in partnership with colleagues. I have been very grateful for the opportunities to step outside of the everyday busy routines to think deeply about leadership.

Deidre Mulkerin | Director General, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women



Archersfield’s team building, strategic planning and professional coaching have assisted our network of organisations to become more efficient, effective, and focused on delivering great services for our clients and communities.

Kerrin Benson – Chief Executive Officer, MDA Ltd

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