Our speakers and presenters are acknowledged nationally and internationally as leaders in their fields.

The Executive Challenge Academy (ECA) faculty is a close team who complements and builds upon each other’s work across the programs to ensure a holistic participant experience.  Special presenters and speakers are invited in response to emerging issues or transformational change agendas.

Liam Mayo

Liam Mayo is a CEO, writer and public speaker who specialises in helping organisations navigate transformational change. During his time on the frontline of the global refugee crisis Liam used his proven fast trust methodologies to cut through divisive cultures and unite people toward a shared vision of the future.

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Mark Strom

Mark Strom loves life-giving ideas. He has a rare gift for sparking and animating new conversations. Mark has been doing this for over thirty five years with parents, communities, businesses and government leaders. Mark’s ability to breathe new life into ideas and conversations is grounded in his own story. After a childhood marked by chronic illness and little formal education, he moved on to a first career as a truck driver and labourer.

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Amanda Sinclair

Amanda Sinclair is an author, researcher, teacher and consultant in the areas of leadership, change, gender and diversity. Currently a Professorial Fellow, Amanda held the Foundation Chair of Management (Diversity and Change) at Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne from 1995 - 2012.

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Cheryl Kernot

Cheryl is one of the National Trust’s 100 National Living Treasures. She was Leader of the Australian Democrats from 1993-1997 and the member for Dickson and a Labor Shadow Minister from 1998-2001.

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Christine Nixon

Christine Nixon is a former police officer who was the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police between 23 April 2001 and 27 February 2009, being the first female Chief Commissioner in any Australian state police force.

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Jan Archer

Principal & Facilitator

Before leaving the public service, Jan Archer was the Deputy Commissioner for Fair Trading in Queensland.

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Jim Varghese

Jim has senior executive level government experience.

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John Harte

John is a professional, trusted advisor to boards, CEOs and business-owners. He specialises in not-for-profit, professional services, primary production, water industry and Government owned businesses.

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Martin Stewart-Weeks

Martin is an independent advisor and facilitator working at the intersection of policy, public sector management, technology and innovation.

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Paul ‘t Hart

Paul ‘t Hart is currently Professor of Public Administration, Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University, the Netherlands as well as Associate Dean of the Netherlands School of Government.

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Robbie Macpherson

Robbie has almost 20 years of experience designing and delivering innovative, transformational leadership and talent development programs for a diverse range of organisations and sectors.

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Sohail Inayatullah

Professor Sohail Inayatullah is the UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies. He is a political scientist/futurist at Tamkang University, Taipei; an Associate at the Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne; and Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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