Live Case Study

The Hague, Netherlands

  • Location:

    The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Course Duration:

    5 Days + Travel

  • Group Size:

    15 Maximum

  • Cost:

    $8000 incl GST

Course Overview

This experience is the culmination of the Masterclass Series delivered in collaboration with The Netherlands School of Public Administration. This transformative week moves people from the abstract work of theory into the complexity of the lived world. Engaging with complex and adaptive challenges allows participants to see how things play out in the real world and identify the dynamics at play in the underlying system, experiencing the passion, purpose and innovation, or confusion ad avoidance first-hand.

Academic Attainment

Certificate of Completion from Netherlands School of Public Administration

Qualification Pathway

Master of Arts (Research)

Supplementary Masterclasses

Local Masterclass series 

Please Note: Depending on participants’ experience, the above courses may be prerequisites.

Who Should Attend

Chief and senior executives who, through completion of a requisite Executive Masterclass, have an understanding of one of the distinct research methodologies explored.

Course Content

The Live Case Study (LCS) has been designed as a serious and enjoyable exploration of the issues presented by a core question that has been defined and clarified by a participant design team. The issues are real and journey hosts and colleagues hugely value participant input into the process. Participants will utilize one of the distinct research methodologies studied in a requisite Executive Masterclass to research and analyse various host organisations in The Hague. This 2-day immersive fieldwork will enable participants to make sense of their own observations and identify their learning and insights before presenting their findings and feedback to their hosts. Upon completion, participants will be able to apply their learning and insights to issues within their own organisations and practice.

Course Brochure Live Case Study – The Hague 2018 

Feedback from previous Hague Masterclass participants

Please note: Registrations for the local Masterclass series are now open. This series is a prerequisite to the Live Case Study – The Hague. You can register your interest for this Masterclass via the Registration Form or our Contact Page.