Public leadership through the lens of social cohesion, inclusion & diversity

  • Location:

    Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

  • Course Duration:

    4 days + Travel

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Course Overview

Today’s leaders face challenges that are more global, fluid and multidimensional. Issues, including change, must be managed within an increasingly complex environment. Leaders are also expected to clearly demonstrate the social benefit of an enterprise. Effective leaders rely on learnings and networks that transcend geography, jurisdiction, profession and sector. In this case study, you will explore what it means to lead organisations in times of change and uncertainty. Specifically, you will consider participatory leadership through the lens of a ‘live’ issue facing all societies and organisations - the need for social cohesion, inclusion and diversity. Together with other senior leaders in public, private and academic fields, you will be introduced to the leadership challenges and approaches of organisations and communities in the fields of education, settlement, community safety and recovery. You will be challenged with new ways of thinking and new approaches using real scenarios and live problems.

This case study is an opportunity for you to step out of the everyday and have a unique learning experience that moves you from the abstract work of theory into the complexity of the lived world. The issues are real, as is the value placed on your ideas and input and that of your case study colleagues. It will spark interest, encourage critical thinking, raise questions, ignite passion and build long-lasting cross-sector global relationships. Deliberately occurring in the week preceding the international Metropolis Conference, this Australian Live Case Study will attract leaders from across the world.

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Your Hosts

Alliance for Leadership Learning (ALL) is a cross-sectorial, inter-disciplinary collaboration of practitioners working globally and locally to grow and develop the next generation of leaders.

Who Should Attend

Chief executives, senior executives and board members:

  • looking to transform organisation systems and sectors
  • working across sectors and engaging in collective leadership
  • and governance
  • implementing cultural change and appreciative inquiry practices.

Learning Goals

Through presentation, conversation, case studies and scenarios, participants will:

  • explore the challenges facing leaders across sectors
  • understand the most promising conceptual and practical tools
  • to tackle these challenges
  • scrutinise, clarify and develop their change management leadership style.

Academic attainment

Certificate of completion from Alliance for Leadership Learning

Course Content

You will be hosted locally by a Brisbane-based not-for-profit organisation. The program will see small teams of participants make site visits to government, community and non–government organisations and experience first-hand their issues, opportunities and leadership approaches to fostering community inclusion and cohesion.  At the end of each day, you will collaborate with your diverse group of case study colleagues to unpack the day’s observations and learnings.

You will be encouraged to reflect on your own leadership style, especially in times of crisis and conflict, and how the case study’s learnings might be applied in your context.

Upon completion, the group will present its learnings to the host agency and a panel of government leaders and policy makers.  The process will enable leaders to quickly distil information and frame feedback that may influence public policy. Participants will use critical thinking methodologies, such as Appreciative Inquiry, needed to achieve real change in complex systems.  You will also explore risk and how to manage the potential for institutional and reputational damage.

By the end of the live case study, you will have made valuable and long-lasting connections with innovative leaders across disciplines, sectors and jurisdictions.

*The course fees include day time meals. A special rate on accommodation for conference participants can be organised on request.