The Winter School takes place annually in June on the Sunshine Coast.  It is a sponsored school, enabling Regional Academy and Foundations for Leadership participants to meet and share learning across regions and programs.  The fees for this winter school are covered by government, community sector and corporate sponsors. Participants are required to organise their own travel and accommodation.

Winter School 2020 will run from 22-26 June. Program schedule and brochures will be updated in 2020

Winter School 2019 Schedule:

Date Topic Presenters / hosts


June 24

Topic: Design Thinking (Masterclass day)

Note: Registrations for this day are now CLOSED.

Phil Daffara.


June 25

Topic: Adaptive Leadership – Leadership in a Post Truth era. Creating a new narrative; Masterclass presentations; Workshopping.

Robbie McPherson, Masterclass alumni, ECA learning partners & co-ordinators


June 26

Topic: Adaptive Leadership – Good Enough Leadership / Surviving the challenge; Workshopping; Unconference- open space event. Robbie McPherson, ECA learning partners & co-ordinators

Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28

Topic: Women Leading in the Public & Community Sector.

Dr Chrisitne Nixon, Professor Amanda Sinclair, ECA learning partners & co-ordinators


Download the Adaptive Leadership Course Brochure and Registration Form

Download the Women Leading in the Public & Community Sector Course Brochure and Registration Form


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