The Executive Challenge Academy (ECA) is a comprehensive suite of leadership programs designed for senior and emerging leaders to step out of the everyday and have a unique learning experience.

Participants join a learning group of leaders with diverse skill sets from a range of sectors. Together, they move from the abstract work of theory into the complexity of the lived world. The issues are real, as is the value placed on their ideas and input.

Our programs spark interest, encourage critical thinking, raise questions and ignite passion. Participants use critical thinking methodologies needed to achieve real change in complex systems. They also explore risk and how to manage the potential for institutional and reputational damage.

ECA participants take away new perspectives on how to shape service improvement and innovation around place and community. They make valuable and long-lasting connections with innovative leaders across disciplines, sectors and jurisdictions.

Our courses and programs are built around a set of core beliefs:

  • Every organisation and every community is navigating through many unknowns and uncertainties
  • Every community and every organisation has the answers and being ‘in community‘ with each other is part of finding the answers
  • Every leader has the means to see what needs to be done and can step forward to do it
  • CEOs and senior leaders create positive and innovative environments through setting clear intention, attending to and resourcing capacity and capability, as well as holding accountability.

The powerful questions we return to for guidance are:

  • How do we rise to our individual and collective challenges and opportunities?
  • What simple and powerful practices and approaches will sustain us and move us forward?
  • How do we release the capacity for innovation and resilience within and across our organisations and communities?
  • How can we work together to co-create sustainable organisations and systems of the future?

ECA Foundations for Leadership

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ECA Emerging Leaders

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ECA Executive Program

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ECA Masterclasses

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ECA Regional Academies

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ECA Winter School

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Kerrin Benson – Chief Executive Officer, MDA Ltd

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